5 Types of Lead Generation

By on February 11, 2015

In order to keep sales and general business activity up, it is important to have a solid plan for custom lead generation. This influx of reliable leads that the sales or marketing department can convert to customers is imperative for company growth. I essence, any mode of outbound or inbound marketing can serve the purpose, but there are several go-to methods that most companies use to create leads. It is helpful to have the options defined, so you have a better understanding of the goals while creating your plan, or working with your marketing agency.

1. The cold call

The classic method of custom lead generation through cold calling can still be effective, if done properly. Not every entry on a list of potential clients should be valued evenly. Some will naturally be a better fit. Rather than wasting staff time calling everyone on a list, it is better to focus on making phone calls and sending emails to those that fit the criteria for the ideal customer. Narrowing down the list can be a tedious process, but it the time it takes pays off with a better return on the investment.

2. Traditional advertising

Traditional marketing methods are a staple of custom lead generation. Advertisements through print media, television or radio spots, banner ads, PPC, and even billboards can provide a reliable stream of leads. Again, the key is to target the placement of those advertisements for the best exposure to the ideal customer. Through research, a company can determine what ad style will best entice the ideal customer to act and where they go, for proper ad placement.

3. Partnerships with other companies

Sometimes the best way to generate leads is to partner with another company or organization. This can be through community partnership with a non-profit organization, reaching out to a company that provides a complimenting service or product, or partnering with a similar business in another market. While a good deal of planning goes into creating such a relationship, when executed well, both parties have a great potential to be served.

4. Referrals from existing customers

One of a company’s best resource for custom lead generation is the dedicated customer they already have. Tap into of the knowledge of those you have already invested in. A happy customer that has received quality service, products, and overall experiences will likely be glad to share contact information for colleagues and family. Provide a method for them to do this, by asking when you interact with them, with a button on your website, and with links at the bottom of emails, texts, social media posts, and other forms of communication.

5. Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the best approaches to custom lead generation. Through the creation of original content, the ideal customer is attracted to the information and then to your business. It instantly establishes authority and can even create a certain loyalty to a company, even before they become a customer. The method only works by making a strong plan for consistently creating high-quality white papers, newsletters, professional trade publication articles, blog posts, online videos, or podcasts.

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