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This event is for those who are hungry for something and won’t settle for less!!! They are not hoping for a change - they are ready to MAKE the desired change happen in business, politics, governance and in their financial life.

 Some of what you'll discover on this unforgettable day: 

  • The unveiling of our upgraded and specially designed 'AutoRainmaker' Platform where you automate your customers/sales/marketing communications on auto pilot and you simply sit down to reap the benefit - it makes you money and makes your life extremely easier.
  • 7 secrets you need to master to "Fire-Your-Landlord" in 1 week.
  • 13 ways to out-think & out-earn the competition.

  • How to develop powerful new routines that create maximum energy and peak vitality .

  • Negotiation strategies that get's you what you want.

  • 14 unbeatable strategies to double your income (multiple times) within 7 months.

  • Harness the key strategies for wealth creation, regardless of the economy 
    or any other external forces.

  • How to attract ALL you need for what you want.

  • How to build a multi-milion dollar business in less than 5 years - we did it in less than 2.

  • 11 proven sales & marketing strategies to help you attract new and better clients and meet your sales targets.

  • How to migrate from paid employment to self employment without stress.

  • Key factors that influence your outcomes.




 Free Rainmaker Business Success Bootcamp(worth N65,000). 

This session is focused on Four VITAL Business Growth Strategies, How to Get Massive Results and Breakthrough client attraction strategies that can double your income & profits

Don't miss out on these four free, fast, powerful, easy to implement and important business sales growth strategies:

Not Enough Sales?   Not Enough Income Per Sale?  Competitive Differentiation?  Do You Get The Prices You Want?

Special Heal Nigeria Session.

Focused on Creative Governance, Politics and Citizenry. Featuring social & political commentators and political leaders.

Finance/Money Session.

Focused on How to develop your financial Independence, easy investment opportunities and how to make loads of money to fund your life assignments.

UnPlug Session.

We'll look at how to 'release your brakes' to achieve your dreams easier and faster.

Transformative Career Leadership Session.

Focused on 'climbing the corporate ladder' with ease. Networking opportunities also available.

The best inovators

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09:00 AM

LOCATION: Sheraton Dubai Mall of the Emirates Hotel

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