Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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1. What is the Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar?

The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar is the World's #1 Business Seminar. This event will give you innovative strategies to sharpen your business skills, increase your motivation, make you more effective and supercharge your income! Millions of people around the world have attended our events with one good reason: there is nothing like it anywhere! Our legendary speakers appear LIVE and IN PERSON to provide you with proven methods, formulas, strategies and keys to skyrocket you to new levels of success. Lead & Succeed 2013 is guaranteed to help you and your organization get better results. You'll be motivated, inspired, trained and entertained by the world's leading experts!

Call 1-855-322-2013 now to make reservations for you and your entire office! Hurry! Seats are limited!

2. Who Are the Speakers?

ONLY the GREATEST expert speakers and trainers appear on our stage! Our speakers vary by location but always include experts in the areas of sales, negotiations, finance, team-building, communication, business skills, motivation, leadership and more. Current and former speakers include, Bill Cosby, Legendary Microsoft President Rick Belluzzo, Larry King, John Walsh, Steve Forbes, Tom Hopkins, Space Shuttle Endeavour Commander Mark Kelly and Michael J. Fox, just to name a few!

Find out who will be speaking at the Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar near you. Call us today at 1-855-322-2013 and make your reservations now!

3. What Will I Learn?

Business people from every industry all over the world have relied on the Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar as their primary training event to boost morale, increase revenue and take their business to the next level. Our training topics include time management, team building, leadership, personal development, goal achievement, sales training, negotiation skills, financial management, investing, relationships, health and fitness, spiritual success, business strategies, motivation, customer service, communication skills, productivity, and much, much more!

Attending the Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar is one of the best decisions you could ever make! The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar will give you incredible new skills that will change your life forever!

  • How to be Smarter, Faster, and Better than Your Competition
  • The Top Skills High Achievers Must Master
  • Ways to Turn Your One-Time Customers into Lifelong Customers
  • Steps to Becoming a Stronger, More Strategic Decision-Maker
  • How to Master the Art of Effective Leadership
  • The Essential “KNOWS” to Get the “YES”
  • The Top Keys to Effective Communication On and Off the Job
  • How to Handle Difficult People
  • Effective Motivators! What to do When You Don’t Want to do Anything
  • Ways to Increase Your Effectiveness
  • How to Get People to Like You Instantaneously
  • How to Add Fun and Levity to the Workplace
  • Things You Can Do To “Buy Time” in a Crisis Situation
  • How to Get the Winning Edge in Every Negotiation
  • How to Get Your Ideas Accepted, Acted Upon and Accomplished
  • The Time Management Secrets of Super-Successful
  • Professional Listening Skills: How to Hear What They’re NOT Saying
  • How to Create an “Information Loop” that Puts You in the Know
  • How to Run Effective Meetings that aren’t Boring Time-Wasters
  • How to Hire and Keep Your Employee Dream Team
  • Mental Exercises that Give You a Winning Edge
  • Strategies for Peak Energy and Performance
  • Health and Fitness Secrets You Must Know
  • How to Eliminate Needless Interruptions
  • Vital Tools to Make and Manage Your Money
  • How to Ensure Your Comfortable Retirement
  • What Most Investors Don’t Know About Investing
  • How to Secure Your Family’s Financial Future
  • 3 Ways to Consistently Outperform the Market
  • How to Draft a Clear, Concise Blueprint for Success

This is just a small sample of the kinds of things you will learn and the tremendous benefits you will receive by attending The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar!

You'll also have an incredible opportunity to attend a FREE, optional bonus on the spiritual side of success! In this inspiring 15-minute bonus session you will learn The Biblical Secrets of Success! This is one of the most popular parts of The Lead & Succeed 2013 experience! It’s not to be missed!

At The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar you will be trained, inspired and motivated by an impressive, world-renowned team of success experts. Buckle your seatbelts! This is one exciting ride! Don't miss this phenomenal opportunity to boost your skill set by learning from the Masters of Motivation! Call 1-855-322-2013 today to reserve your seats... before they're gone!

4. Who Should Attend The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar?

Everyone should attend the Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar...Your friends, your co-workers, your family members and most importantly: YOU!

The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar gives you motivation, inspiration and education that is beneficial for everyone in your organization — from entry-level staff to experienced executives! This is your opportunity to be personally trained by the most successful and influential achievers in the world! Don’t let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass you by! Call 1-855-322-2013 today to register!

The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar is perfect for:

  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Sales Executives
  • Account Managers
  • Government Employees
  • Business Owners
  • Presidents and CEOs
  • Independent Consultants
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Engineers
  • Vice Presidents and Directors
  • Doctors, Health Care Administrators, Nurses and Medical Technicians
  • Secretarial Support and Administrative Staff
  • Customer Service Professionals
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Insurance Pros
  • Students
  • Banking Professionals and Loan Officers
  • Marketing, Advertising and PR Personnel
  • Human Resources Staff
  • Accounting and Finance Teams
  • Manufacturing Plant Workers
  • Graphic Designers and Artists
  • IT Staff and Computer Consultants
  • CPAs
  • Military Recruiters and All Branches of Military
  • Multi-Level Reps
  • Attorneys and Legal Staff
  • Teachers and Educators
  • Retirees

Everyone — from every walk of life and every industry— will benefit by attending this motivational training event! Even if you don’t work in a traditional office setting, you should absolutely attend! There is no better way to get recharged. There is no better way to get expert training. There is no other forum on earth with the faculty of leaders and trainings at the Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar.


5. Why Should I Attend?

Here are just four of the THOUSANDS of great reasons you should attend the Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar:


In today’s economy, it’s critical that you continually increase your value to your employer. If you are a business owner, the need is even greater — the profitability of your company (and your very survival) is at stake. You have to outsell, outsmart and out-produce the competition. The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar will help you get the edge on your competition! You will get the secrets to becoming an indispensable asset, attaining greater job security, securing career advancement and increasing your income exponentially! By attending the Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar you will gain profit-producing strategies, cutting-edge career skills and personal development tools that will increase your productivity and effectiveness… enabling you to exceed both your personal and professional goals!


In addition to getting indispensable, career-building tools from the success experts, you’ll also have an amazing opportunity to network with other success-minded professionals who attend The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar. In business, achieving success often is determined by “who you know.” Lead & Succeed 2013 gives you the rare privilege of developing professional relationships with other key business leaders and rising stars like yourself. The results? Just watch your career and business grow!
Thousands of people attend each power-packed, full-day extravaganza! This show is so HOT it sizzles! Your life will be changed and you will leave refreshed, ready to rise to the top of the pack and achieve your dreams. Everyone who’s anyone will be there! Will you? You can bet your bottom dollar that your competition will be at this event — and they’re bringing their whole team for the best business training on earth! Will they outpace your business? You can't afford to miss this! Call 1-855-322-2013 to reserve your seats today!


You spend your entire life focusing on others — making everyone else’s life better! At the event you can have fun, reflect, recharge, plan, focus on your goals and take your life to the next level! Bottom line: it’s all about YOU! We promise you this — you’ll have a FANTASTIC time!


From time to time we all need to pull back from the maddening pace and take a personal day to rekindle the fire of determination. The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar is your opportunity to do just that! It is a power-packed, daylong catalyst that will catapult you to greater levels of achievement, prosperity and success!

6. How Much Do the Tickets Cost?

This is the best part of the entire event! It's just one low price for EVERYBODY IN YOUR ENTIRE OFFICE! A seminar like this is normally thousands and thousands of dollars for you and your group to attend. But if you register now and get your tickets in advance, you can attend for the ridiculously low price of as low as $4.95 per person or $19.95 for your entire office to attend! So if you have 10 people from your office or group attends, it's only $1.99 per person! That's right-- less than $2 per person to attend the event of the decade! If you wait, it's $199 per person at the door. You better hurry! Tickets are going fast. Call right now to register your group. Call 1-800-332-SUCCESS right away!

If you really want to go in style, get DIAMOND or VIP tickets! We'll get you right in front of the stage, in on the action and super close to the superstars! These seats include lunch with select speakers. Also, remember to order The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar workbook for you and everyone in your office. The workbook is packed with articles written by our expert speakers and informative articles to catapult you to success. You'll also get interactive outlines of the speakers' presentations, a certificate of completion suitable for framing, and much more. 

7. Early Registration Tickets Are Incredibly Inexpensive! What’s the Catch?

There are no events of this caliber anywhere else in the world. For decades, the ticket prices were much, much higher. We recognize that in today's economy most people cannot afford to pay hundreds of dollars per ticket to attend Lead & Succeed 2013. Many people are without work and are struggling financially. We feel that the Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar is needed now more than ever and we do not want price to be an obstacle for anyone. We have done everything possible to make the Lead & Succeed 2013 seminar affordable for anyone and everyone who wants to attend. The only way for us to make this work financially is to produce an event that is so amazing and so over the top that when your company wants to have in house training, consulting or further education, we will be the only organization you will turn to in order to meet your needs.

8. Is there a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes! Lead & Succeed 2013 offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not absolutely satisfied with the Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar— for any reason or no reason—simply present your materials, along with your receipt and ticket stub at the conclusion of the event and your money will be cheerfully refunded in full—no questions asked!

9. Will Books, Tapes, CDs and DVDs Be on Sale at the Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar?

No. We believe that these kinds of resources can be valuable sources of information, we will not have any books, tapes, CDs or DVDs for sale at the event.

10. Will I need to invest in follow up training? Is additional training available?

The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar is a stand-alone event but every investment in education is a good one! While we cannot guarantee that every Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar will have follow-up training events available for attendees, we try to offer at least two continuing education workshops for attendees who desire to increase their skills on business and financial topics. Our speakers share a wealth of knowledge and information during their presentations, however, they cannot share all of their expertise in just one speech. This is why we offer follow up workshops… so attendees can continue to get best-in-class training from the world’s leading experts on Sales, Business, Relationships, Personal Development, Finance and more. Follow up training is optional and made available at a discount for those who want to participate.

11. Is there a religious tone or political slant at the event?

No. The emphasis of Lead & Succeed 2013 is strictly on advancing your personal and professional success. Lead & Succeed 2013 brings together the world’s greatest leaders and achievers on one platform to share all their best strategies, insights and information to make you more successful at home and on the job.  We do not dictate what the speakers say in their speeches. Our speakers come from a diverse range of political, religious and business backgrounds and we allow all of them the freedom to share their beliefs in the way they choose. Our goal is to gather the greatest leaders and achievers - not to lecture or pontificate – but to share real-world, take-home, how-to advice that will make a positive difference in your personal and professional success. This is the mandate for every speaker at Lead & Succeed 2013.

12. Can I Get Upgraded Seats Near the Stage?

Absolutely! That’s the best way to go! It’s the ideal place for a brush with fame, snapping those priceless photos, and networking with the bigwigs! While seats last, you can upgrade to Diamond, VIP, Executive or Standard seating.

Call 1-800-332-SUCCESS to learn more about the seating options available and the benefits to your group!

13. Are Group Discounts Available?

Yes! You’ll want everyone in your office to be a part of this amazing motivational, skill-building extravaganza! And it’s even more fun with friends! Call 1-800-322-SUCCESS today to order your tickets for your group at a deeply discounted, pre-event price!

14. Are Tickets Available at the Door?

The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar is virtually always sold out the day of the event. Tickets go fast for a show this BIG! We advise you to stop reading and start dialing 1-888-328-8031 right now! On the extremely rare occasions when tickets are still available on the day of the event, they may be purchased at the door starting at $199 per person. But you can call right now to order your tickets at a pre-event package price that’s so low it’s ALMOST FREE! Get in on this sellout sensation by calling 1-800-322-SUCCESS.

15. How Late Can I Sign Up?

You can sign up as late as the day before the seminar — if tickets are still available! But don’t wait! Tickets are going fast! Get the best seats by calling right now! Simply call 1-888-328-8031. By registering early, you’re eligible for discounted pricing! Call 1-800-322-SUCCESS to order tickets for yourself…and your entire office or group!

16. Is the Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar Tax Deductible?

Many times, yes! Contact your tax accountant to see if the Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar is tax deductible for you!

17. Is Lead & Succeed 2013 Coming to My City?

Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminars are held across North America, in large arenas and coliseums. When the Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar comes to a new city, everyone begins buzzing with excitement! Watch your local paper for our full-page ads. You won't want to miss this! Thousands pack each event, eager to learn from the success experts! To receive advance notice and the rock-bottom discount price for our next event in your area, email us your name and contact information by clicking here. We'll make sure that you are notified about our next event as soon as it is scheduled!

We don't visit every city each year. But you don't have to miss this spectacular event! Even if you have to travel to a different city to attend the Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar, it’s well worth it! It will be one of the best career moves you've ever made! Book your reservations now by calling 1-800-322-SUCCESS.

When Will the Next Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar Be Held?

To receive advance notice and the rock-bottom discount price for our next event in your area, email us your name and contact information by clicking here. We’ll make sure that you are notified about our next event in your area as soon as it is scheduled!

Will the Seminar Be Back Next Year?

NO! Each year we travel the nation bringing a fresh team of speakers to a new group of cities. It takes us three to five years to get back to most cities! Don’t miss your opportunity to see the Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar in your area now! Call 1-800-322-SUCCESS today to order tickets for yourself…and your entire office!

18. How Do I Register to Receive My Tickets?

The fastest and easiest way to register is by phone. Simply call 1-888-328-8031 One of our friendly customer service representatives can answer your questions and help you register. Don’t delay! We’re giving you fair notice here and now — these shows sell out FAST! Call 1-888-328-8031 now to get the best seats and the lowest prices!

You can register quickly and easily in any of these ways:

CALL us at 1-800-322-SUCCESS

FAX your registration form to 813-961-8666 if you already have a registration form.

MAIL your registration form to:
Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminars
Attention: Customer Service
7701 Anderson Road
Tampa, FL 33634

In the highly unlikely event that tickets for this sellout sensation are still available on the day of the seminar, you can also register at the door. However, on the day of the seminar ticket prices at the door start at $199 per person. You will save BIG when you pre-register! Call 1-800-322-SUCCESS to see if you and your office qualify for a super-discounted rate that is ALMOST FREE!

19. How Many People Will Be Attending the Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar?

Every Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar is filled with success-minded individuals like you! As many as 20,000 people attend a single Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar! Attendance varies by city and venue, but you can be sure of this: it’s going to be an action-packed, fun-filled, explosive, exciting, inspiring, skill-building event that YOU don’t want to miss!

20. I've Attended a Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar Before. Should I Attend Again?

ABSOLUTELY! This year the Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar features new speakers with exciting, innovative ideas! Plus a few of our top-rated audience favorites will be back by popular demand — with ALL NEW success strategies and current, cutting-edge technologies. We supercharge each new seminar so that it’s even better than the last! You’ll be more inspired and more motivated than ever before!

We know that you want to continue to learn, grow, increase your skillset, reach new goals, and be all that you can be — that’s why you’ll want to be at this year’s Lead & Succeed 2013 mega-event! You’ll receive a full day of business training in marketing, sales, leadership, public speaking, management, and much more! Seats are limited so call 1-800-322-SUCCESS now to register! (Plus, as one of our esteemed alumni, you are entitled to our rock-bottom lowest ticket price!)

21. I'm SO Busy! Should I Take the Time to Attend?

Are you kidding?! You are too busy not to attend! The time management strategies alone will make it more than worth it! We’ll show you how to SAVE TIME, increase your efficiency, rev up your productivity, delegate more effectively and get TWICE AS MUCH DONE IN HALF THE TIME! If you don’t set aside time to learn and grow, you’ll never achieve your dreams. You can be controlled by deadlines or you can master them. If you’re serious about staying motivated to reach your career goals, you won’t let this opportunity pass you by! This seminar will help you get where you want to be! Over 3 million people have already packed arenas nationwide to learn from the success experts… don’t get left behind!

Put all of your stress and worries behind you for just a few hours and attend this fun, educational business and motivational extravaganza. Treat yourself and those you work with to a fresh start… a chance to rekindle your passion for work…and life! Get motivated, get inspired and be transformed! NOW is the time!

Want to make your office a better place to work? Encourage your entire office to attend! Don’t have an office? Assemble a group of goal-oriented friends like yourself. Call 1-800-322-SUCCESS now to register your entire group! This is the BEST decision a busy person like you could ever make! It’s time for you to make YOUR SUCCESS a top priority for one day!

22. Can I Afford This?

YES! YES! YES! The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar is amazing — and it’s worth every penny! You probably even qualify for a super-low discount... making the price so low it's ALMOST FREE. Find out by calling 1-800-322-SUCCESS now.

23. Will My Company Pay for This?

They probably will! The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar is offered at such a ridiculously low group price, many companies pay for their entire office to go! But even if they don’t, YOU SHOULD! It’s all about you, anyway: your career, your success, your goals, your income, your productivity… We guarantee that this will be the BEST INVESTMENT you have ever made! Your company will benefit when you attend the Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar because you will come back to work refreshed, recharged, energized, motivated, packed to capacity with innovative, money-making, time-saving strategies and cutting-edge business skills. But ultimately YOU will be the big winner!

24. Will the Seminar Be Fun and Interesting?

That is the understatement of the millennium! The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar is world famous for its energizing, action-packed, fun-filled, spectacular stage show! Dazzling pyrotechnics, live music and stunning special effects set the stage for our superstar speakers who deliver riveting presentations packed with vital information. You'll be inspired, entertained and informed. It's an unparalleled way to learn new skills and increase the morale in your office! It’s an unbelievably fun day that will refresh and energize you — preparing you to conquer the world! Don't miss it! Call 1-800-322-SUCCESS to register your entire office now!

25. I'm a Manager. Should I Really Send My Entire Team?

YES! And trust us, you will kick yourself—hard and repeatedly — if you don’t! Managers sometimes say that they don’t want to invest money in training employees that will end up leaving their company. Listen, the only thing worse than training people and losing them is… not training them and keeping them!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are any of your employees performing below their full potential? (Don’t fool yourself — you know they are!)
  • Would it benefit you and your company if your employees worked harder and smarter?
  • Are any of them too content with the status quo?
  • Does your team ever struggle with low morale, negativity or conflict between employees?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, your entire team should attend The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar.

Here’s What You and Your Team Will Gain:

  • Business skills training on vital topics including leadership, customer service and satisfaction, sales, marketing, time management, communication, priority-setting and decision-making.
  • Business vision and cutting-edge strategies to increase creativity and to bring new, profit-generating ideas to your business.
  • Motivation, inspiration and incentive to achieve their goals at work and to enjoy what they’re doing even more.

The best news is that sending your entire office to The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar won’t bust your budget. Call 1-800-322-SUCCESS to find out about our specials for managers who send their entire office. You won't believe how low the price is! It's ALMOST FREE! Call 1-800-322-SUCCESS today.

26. I Have an MBA. Will I Learn Anything New Here?

YES! You will receive incredible new insights and real-world business strategies during this info-packed session… presented by an impressive, world-renowned cadre of success experts and the most remarkable achievers on earth. But attending The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar isn't just about gathering new tips or improving your motivation. This is not a bunch of hype and fluff. You are going to learn more in one day at this highly acclaimed event than you did in a whole boring year at business school!

You won’t just get the latest technologies and of-the-moment business skills — you’ll also be inspired to reach your career goals, you will rekindle your passion for work and network with other educated, goal-oriented individuals like yourself. For over 25 years, top business leaders, CEOs and senior executives have attended our award-winning business events. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to build on your education and to catapult your career to new heights. Call 1-800-322-SUCCESS today to register!

27. Can I Get the Same Information From Reading Books?

We strongly recommend that you read as many books as possible, but no amount of books will give you the energy, education, excitement, motivation, condensed skill-building instruction, fun, momentum and sheer thrill of attending this unmatched event! There is absolutely no way to duplicate the experience of The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar by reading books — even if you read a billion of them!

28. Will this Seminar Help Me Make More Money and Advance in my Career?

YES! It will probably be the best career move you have ever made!
The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar is perfect for any business professional, teacher, lawyer, doctor, salesperson, accountant, manager, customer service representative, marketer, programmer, student, assistant or senior executive — and everyone in between!

The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar is a career-accelerating, profit-producing, life-changing event! That’s why more than 3 million people have attended it! Take a day to boost your career and get several steps closer to achieving your dreams! Call 1-800-322-SUCCESS today to register!

29. How Can I Let My Friends Know About The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar?

The easiest way to let them know is to register your friends as part of your group! Call 1-800-322-SUCCESS for more information on our group packages that are priced so low they’re ALMOST FREE!

Send your friends an email suggesting that they visit this web site and call 1-800-322-SUCCESS to register!
If you have a Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminars newspaper ad or brochure, simply make copies and pass them along to your friends!

30. I'm Unemployed. Will this Seminar Help Me?

YES! The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar will help you in three important ways:

The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar will train you on a broad range of topics. You'll obtain fresh, new skills that you can add to your resume. You can even list this seminar as part of your education! Skills covered include: sales, marketing, customer service, business planning, negotiation, communication, self-development, team-building, time management, organization, productivity, management, leadership and goal-achievement.

Do you ever feel like it's tough to stay motivated and excited about your job search? If you said "YES," you're not alone. A period of unemployment can take its toll on your emotions and even cause you to question your abilities. Take heart! You can succeed! The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar will refresh and recharge you, without costing you a bundle (call for special pricing!).

Every Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar is packed with company presidents, CEOs, senior executives, managers and other business professionals who are looking for success-minded individuals like you to add to their teams! Lead & Succeed 2013 is an awesome opportunity for you to build your networking base and find the job you'll love!
Revitalize your attitude, boost your skills and jump-start your job search! Call 1-800-322-SUCCESS today to register!

31. Will I Receive a Certificate of Completion?

If you email customer service after the seminar one will be sent to you.

32. How Much is Parking and Where Do I Park?

That depends on the venue and the parking lots that are available near the seminar site. Our Customer Service Team will be happy to provide you with a parking map of the area. Just call us at 1-800-322-SUCCESS or click here to request a parking map and we’ll make sure you get that. We also recommend that you arrive early to get the best parking. Morning rush hour sometimes coincides with the start of The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar. This is a fun, motivating seminar that everyone is looking forward to! Remember, a lot of people will be joining you for this world-famous event! Allow yourself ample time for the commute and parking… and a little extra time to get a nice hot cup of coffee when you arrive at the event!

I Need Directions! Can You Send Them to Me?

By calling our Customer Service Team at 1-800-322-SUCCESS or by clicking here, you can request a map to the venue along with basic directions. However, we recommend that you also visit a mapping web site, such as MapQuest, Yahoo! Maps or Google Maps for door-to-door directions. If you are bringing co-workers, friends or family, make sure that you provide copies of the map and directions to your entire team. It would also be a good idea to carpool the day of the event!

33. What Should I Wear?

At the Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar, you will have an opportunity to network with some of the brightest business leaders in your community! We suggest that you wear business casual or business professional attire to make a polished first impression. The temperature in large venues is sometimes hard to predict or control — a jacket with a short sleeve shirt is often a good idea. And, don’t forget to bring plenty of business cards and a winning smile! You never know who may be sitting next to you!

34. What Should I Bring?

To get the most out of your Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar experience, we suggest that you bring the following:

  • Pen or Pencil
  • Business Cards
  • Mints (You’ll be meeting and greeting a lot of people!)

You’ll also want to pre-order a copy of the Lead & Succeed 2013 Workbook. Packed with over 54 pages of fascinating celebrity articles, tips, trends, tools, speaker outlines and much more, the Workbook is the perfect companion to the Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar! You’ll treasure this rich collection of wisdom and insights for years to come! To pre-order your copy (and save big!) call 1-800-322-SUCCESS!

35. Will I Receive Any Materials at the Seminar?

When you pre-order the Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar Workbook, you will receive a detachable certificate on your ticket that you can turn in the day of the seminar to get your Workbook. Packed with fascinating articles, tips, trends, tools, speaker outlines and much more, the Workbook is the perfect companion to the Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar! To pre-order your copy (and save big!) call 1-800-322-SUCCESS!

36. Are You Going to Sell Me Anything?

Of course we are! We’re going to sell you on the value of motivation! We’re going to sell you on the power of perseverance! We’re going to sell you on the importance of lifelong learning! We’re going to sell you on goal achievement! We’re going to sell you on continuing education! And we’re going to sell you on how much more YOU can do and be!

37. When Will My Tickets Arrive?

Your tickets should arrive one week prior to the seminar. When you order by phone and provide your email address, you will also receive an email order confirmation. If for some reason your tickets do not arrive prior to the seminar, you can take your email confirmation to Will Call and we will be happy to give you tickets at the door.

38. Are the Speakers Live and In Person?

YES! All of the speakers are live, in person, and extremely motivating! (Of course emergencies do occasionally occur — even for the rich and famous! — but it is extremely rare for us to have to substitute a speaker.) All of our speakers are locked, loaded and ready to go! Prepare to be blown away as you’re motivated and inspired by the best speakers and the greatest leaders in the world!

39. Can Individuals Attend Without a Company?

Absolutely! And we encourage you to assemble a group of family members, friends, associates and neighbors… everyone you know! This seminar is so phenomenal that you’ll want to share it with everyone!

40. When Is the Lunch Break and Will Food be Provided?

Lunch times vary by seminar; however, we always provide a break for you to enjoy a relaxing lunch! You will be able to purchase food, beverages and snacks at the venue. We encourage the venues to stock up on healthy salads, soups, sandwiches and fruit for our health-conscious attendees! (Of course, popcorn, hot dogs and chips are also available!)

41. Can I Order the Seminar on Video or Audio Tape?

The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar is a star-studded extravaganza maxed out with pyrotechnics, confetti, live music, the greatest speakers on earth, laughter, standing ovations and lots of group interaction! There is just no way to capture the larger-than-life excitement on an audio or video tape! Recordings of the event are not available. You simply have to experience the Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar first-hand! It’s incredible!

42. Can I Record the Seminar?

No, audio and/or video recording is not allowed; however, you can take good notes!

43. Can I Bring my Camera and Take Pictures?

Of course! Our seminar is amazing; you’ll want to remember them!

44. What is the Schedule for the Speakers?

Because many of our speakers fly in the day of the event, we must maintain a measure of flexibility in the schedule to allow for travel delays; therefore, we do not announce the schedule in advance.

45. Can My Employer Send a Purchase Order for Registration?

Yes, we accept purchase orders from hospitals, government agencies, and educational institutions. Please call 1-800-322-SUCCESS for more information.

46. Can I Order by Mail or Send in a Business Check?

Yes! Checks can be mailed to:

Attention: Accounts Receivable
7701 Anderson Road
Tampa, FL 33634

Please be aware that your tickets cannot be guaranteed and mailed to you until the check has cleared. We recommend that you use a credit card to secure your tickets by calling 1-800-322-SUCCESS.

47. What Is the Earliest that I Can Arrive for the Seminar?

Doors typically open at 6:45 am. We recommend arriving between 6:30 and 6:45 a.m. to obtain the best seats and parking.

48. Will My Whole Group be Able to Sit Together?

Usually, yes… but you will need to arrive together and be there when the doors open. Seats are available, by seating section, on a first come, first served basis — so your group will need to arrive early and stay together.

49. Should I Bring My Children?

The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar is primarily a professional event for adults (18 and over). Although the content is designed to be wholesome, most children (especially those under 14) are not yet ready to attend the Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar.

50. Do You Ever Overbook a Seminar?

Absolutely not! We do not overbook our seating, which is why we recommend ordering all your tickets early in case we sell out. To reserve your tickets today, call our customer service team at 1-800-322-SUCCESS.

51. I'm Not Going to be Able to Attend. Can I Cancel?

Like most live performances such as sporting events, concerts and performing arts events, tickets to this event are not refundable. However, your tickets are fully transferable! You can give your tickets to someone else who can use them and they’ll thank you profusely later! If necessary, we can give you a rain check to a future Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar. Simply mail a request, along with your tickets, to:

Attention: Customer Service

7701 Anderson Road
Tampa, FL 33634

52. I'm Being Pressured to Attend. I Don't Think I Need to Be “Fixed”.

Neither do we! The Lead & Succeed 2013 Seminar is designed for anyone who is interested in continuing to grow and achieve new levels of success! This is the perfect opportunity to obtain even more of what you want in your life… and less of what you don’t!

53. I Have Difficulty Hearing. Will There be Help for Me?

YES! Please contact the venue directly to see if FM headsets are available. If you need special seating arrangements, simply go to the Will Call booth at the venue when you arrive at the seminar and our team will assist you. You can also request assistance in advance by calling our Customer Service Team at 1-800-322-SUCCESS.

54. I Have a Physical Disability or Restriction. Do You Have Special Seating and Assistance for Me?

Absolutely! We cater to people with special needs! We are at your service! If you need special seating arrangements, simply go to the Will Call booth at the venue when you arrive at the seminar and our team will assist you. You can also request assistance in advance by calling our customer service team at 1-800-322-SUCCESS.